College & Career

College and Career Readiness

What does it mean to be College & Career Ready?

We know that school is not just about assignments, tests, and grades and that there are different areas in which to be college and career ready.  Some of those areas you are learning about in your classes, such as content knowledge and critical thinking. But you are also learning who you are, figuring out what you want to be, and thinking about your future as an adult. This is the perfect time to explore what is out there and find out about the education and skills required to meet your goal. Review the information we have put together for you on what it means to "College and Career Ready" and how to look at success. There are many paths after high school and your school counselor can help you plan and prepare so that you are on track to achieve your unique goals!

College and Career Readiness


Choosing a "Good College"

Is there a "right" way to plan your life after high school?

And is there a "best" way to prepare for college?

Also, what does it mean to explore post-secondary options?

Watch video below and reflect on those questions.