Academic Support & Tips

National Honor Society Tutoring

National Honor Society students are offering free tutoring to students who need additional help in various subjects, in-person.

  • Tuesday through Thursday, 3:30-4:30pm
  • Located in Room 101

Math Tutoring

Get FREE help from one of our very own math teachers!

  • Monday - Friday, from 7:30-8:25am
  • Room 139
  • Bring your homework or test/quiz prep material to ask questions and get help!

AP Euro Tutoring

Get FREE help from one of our very own AP Euro teachers!

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 7:30-8:25am
  • Room 500
  • Bring your homework or test/quiz prep material to ask questions and get help!

Paper Education Tutoring

Paper is an online Educational Support System designed to augment teaching and promote learning. It's available 24/7 and includes online tutoring and essay review. With a click on the class you need help with, Paper will locate instant live chat help!

You can find Paper on your OUSD student Dashboard. Log in to set up your account and discover that your classes and teachers are already listed.

AP Academic Support

Are you in an AP class and need extra support?  Here are some resources to check out:

Collegeboard Resources, including AP Classroom and AP Daily Videos.

Khan Academy  - The official practice partner for AP (available on student OUSD Dashboard).

Shmoop - Test Prep for ALL AP exams, including practice tests, drills, study guides, and videos (available on student OUSD Dashboard).

Additional Academic Resources

Need Math Help?

Virtual tutoring coming soon.

Check out some of these math resources:


Algebra tips:

Many students struggle with math especially Algebra. Below are things that can help. 

  • Make sure the student knows all the pre-algebra skills.  Otherwise, the student will need a tutor who not only helps them with the course material, but will have to teach the prerequisite skills as well.  Not an easy task.

  • Homework must be done correctly. Math teachers often give credit simply if homework is completed not whether it is correct or not. Be sure to do homework correctly not just complete it. If you get problems on the homework wrong, you must find out why and correct them.

  • Pay attention during class.  Take notes.  Follow along with the instructor.  Ask questions when you don’t understand.

  • It is very important that students study for algebra quizzes and tests just like any other subject.  Students should not assume that because they did the homework and understood the concept that they will remember how to do it on a test.

  • Ways to study for tests include reworking the homework problems without looking at the textbook or your previous work.  If there is a time constraint, work every other problem or selected problems.

  • If the test includes review problems at the end of each chapter, work those.

  • When taking a test, apply test-taking skills.

  • Do not panic when looking at numerous questions.  Focus on only one problem at a time even going so far as to cover up the other questions with your scratch paper.

  • Go through and answer the problems you know how to do first.

  • Go back and carefully read and reread the ones that you do not instantly know how to solve.

  • Try working the problem different ways.

  • Pull out the information for word problems and write it down.  Sometimes looking at the information will clue you in as to what to do.

  • While taking the test, be careful to avoid simple mistakes.  Check your factoring.  See that it adds up to the correct product.

  • When you have finished the test, go back and check your answers.  Make sure that simple arithmetic and positive and negatives are correct.

Paula Sidler, Dr. John Brady

Tips on Time Management

Below, you will find some thoughts on how to structure your day after school. It is important to follow a routine and find a new normal during a time of change and uncertainty. This can help manage your stress levels and improve your physical and mental health.


  • Check-in with yourself. Try a relaxation exercise or coping strategy for 5-10 minutes to get yourself ready to tackle the day. 

  • Check your emails and all communication portals for school.

  • Make a list of things you need to complete for the day. Update your calendar with any upcoming due dates for assignments, projects, or tests.

  • If you don’t have work to do, watch something on Ted Talks or Khan Academy to practice that subject.

  • Do something creative that you like to do - write, paint, draw something related to that subject.

See this time management document to help you if you are a more visual person and need to write everything down, do what works for you!