Phase II Return


Mr. Abercrombie's Letter regarding Phase 2

Slide Show regarding Phase 2

(embedded in video above)


Virtual Back-to-School Night

As the Welcome Back-to-School video showcases, exciting progress is visible throughout our school and community.
Thank you to the PTSA and the CHSF for your support.

We are proud of what the teachers and students have been able to accomplish in the virtual classrooms.  We look forward to the eventual return to in-class instruction and will continue to keep the community informed during this fluid situation.  In the meantime, please find your son/daughter's teachers listed below.  Select the appropriate class and enjoy the informative presentation the teacher created.


If you experience technology issues, please try signing in with your son's/daughter's G-Suite account provided by OUSD--that generally takes care of any issues caused by permission settings.

2020-2021 Teachers

Akin, Mike

English 10

Anderson, Chris

AP English 11


Anderson, Rebekah


Math III

Ayala, Vince

Physical Education

Belinge, Nancy

AP United States History

Blum, David

English 9

Boyle, Frederique

French 3, 4, 5

Academic Support

Brierly, Brian

Chemistry Honors

Broaten, Vanessa

Spanish 1

Spanish 2


Christian, Bernadine

Math 1 Honors 

Math 2 Honors

Davidson, Erik

American Govt./ Economics

Deloyola, Tannis

English 9

English 9 Honors

Derham, Matt



Di Pieri,  Kasandra

Earth Science

Elliott, Nicole



Evans, LeAnne

Math 2

Giese, Alix

Gonzalez-Hernandez, Steph

Math III

Math III Honors

Heck, David

AP English 11 & 12

Higuera, Ashley


Horton, Frances

Math 1/1B

Hua, lauren

English 9

English 11

Juell, Richard

Spanish II

Kim, Stephanie

Math III Honors

Math 1

Kotler, Alia

Study Skills

Locks, Shannon

Spanish 1

Spanish 3

Mansouri, Roza

World History

May, ArieL


McAleer, Barry

Earth Science

Mullings, Kelsey

please see Mrs. Uyematsu

Nestoras, Apollo

US History

AP Human Geography

Ogas, Mike

Weight Training

Takacs, Gabor

Environmental Systems & Society IB

Truong, Michelle


Zarkos, Elizabeth

English 10 Honors