Film/Video Production

The Film/Video Production classes at Canyon High School provide students with the training to become professional filmmakers, editors, sound designers, and broadcast journalists. Our classes utilize industry standard cameras (Canon DSLR cameras) and software (Adobe Suite, Final Cut, Cinema 4D). Students can take everything from an introductory class to learn the basics of film production to an extremely advanced class that includes summer camp training, 24- hour film festivals, and participation in many different film festivals.

Canyon has been lucky to have some tremendously talented students come through our program. In the past two years, students have been nominated and won Filmmaker of the Year, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Producer, Best Independent Film, Best Graphics, Best Broadcast Show Open, Best Short Film, Best Public Service Announcement, and Best Cinematographer, and Teacher Mentor of the Year at the Orange County Film Festival alone. Other students have placed first place in nationwide video contests and many have traveled to Sacramento to be congratulated for their films by the state government.

Students who are eager to learn more about the art of filmmaking will find that Canyon is rich in classes that will give students the direct hands-on experience they need to compete in the industry and apply to competitive film colleges.

Student Work

Advisor: Alex Graham