Annual Application


Senior AD Flyer

Senior AD Final Deadline: Feb 3rd, 2023

Early Pricing Deadline: December 9th, 2022

The Legend is a student created record of the school year.



The Legend will show the life of the tribe.


Service: We are creating a product for more than 2,100 students and the greater community.  We focus on servicing the student body.

Self-Reliance: The class provides resources and motivation, but staffers need to make the magic happen.



  • 1200-1300 units 

  • over 450 pages 

  • over 3000 pictures in the book 

  • average year we will capture and sort over 10,000 images 

  • We have over 1.6 TB of past yearbook data (five years)

  • Staff between 15-25 (22 for 2022-2023) 

  • June 2nd 2023 Student Delivery  

  • complete distribution in less than 40 minutes 

  • We donate on average 20 books a year 

  • Annual operating budget $110,000-$120,000 

  • We work with a local and independent publisher rather than a big box publisher (this allows us to save costs and provide our program with industry grade tools)

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Advisor: Christopher Anderson


Student Editor: Lauren Contreras

2022-2023 Staff Leadership

Contreras, Lauren E. (editor in chief)

Maciel, Genise G. (office manager)

Czekalski, Taylor L. (assistant editor)

Hackett, Emily L. (assistant editor)

Carr, Emily L. (social media editor)

Velarde, Genevieve M. (Voices co-editor)

Walker, Danielle L. (Voices co-editor)

Kim, Noelle E. (assest manager)