Senior Info and Prom



April 28              Yearbook - Last day to purchase a yearbook. The cost is $160

May 13th             Prom – Cerritos Center of the Performing Arts – 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. Contracts will be available in the Student Center starting April 11th.


                                    April 17th – 28th              $65 Single $130 Couple w/ASB

                                                                           $75 Single $150 w/o ASB

                                    May 1st – May 11th         $75 Single $150 Couple w/ASB

                                                                            $85 Single $170 Couple w/o ASB


No tickets will be sold for Prom after May 11th at lunch

ALL students and guests must have a picture ID to be admitted to the Prom.

ALL fines and detentions must be cleared before Prom tickets can be purchased. Tickets may only be purchased by a Senior or Junior.


Guest Pass Form

Dance/Event Contract

Picture Order Form


May 30th            Graduation Tickets – Six tickets for the graduation ceremony will be distributed to students only (no parents) during the week of May 30th.  Students will pick up their tickets at Canyon High School’s main office. There is a limited amount of additional tickets available, on a first-come, first-served basis.   Parents may send a written request with their student to the main office for up to 6 additional tickets while supplies last beginning May 30th. Written requests must include student name, ID#, parent’s printed name, parent’s signature and date. Students must be free of fines to pick up tickets!


June 1st – 2nd        Clearance Card Pick Up – Clearance cards must be picked up by each senior at the Student Center windows.  Seniors must complete all clearance procedures by June 8th and returned to the Counseling Office. Seniors may not participate in any senior event without turning in their Senior Card.

June 2nd             Good-Bye Dance – Canyon High School Quad – 7:00pm-10:00pm

                             Contracts will be available in the Student Center starting May 15th.


                               May 22nd – June 1st             $10 w/ASB

                                                                            $15 w/o ASB


No tickets will be sold for the Good-Bye Dance after June 1st at lunch

ALL students must have a picture ID to be admitted to the dance.

ALL fines and detentions must be cleared prior to tickets being purchased. Ticket sales are CASH ONLY.


June 5th              Senior Awards Night – 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria


June 8th & 9th     Senior Finals – The seniors will take their finals; the school will be on a regular bell schedule.


June 8th               Clearance Card Turn In (FINAL DAY) – The seniors must complete their clearance procedures and return cards to the Counseling Office by June 8th.  The clearance procedure includes returning of all books, payment of any fines (in the form of cashier’s check or cash), clearing up any detention problems, and the returning of any equipment. Seniors may not pick up their caps and gowns until their clearance card has been turned in.


Any student who is in danger of not graduating (does not meet the graduation requirements) will not be allowed to participate in Senior Activities,  NO REFUNDS  WILL BE ISSUED. Students will be expected to work in ischool during the times of the activities  to complete  their graduation  requirements.


June 12th               Senior Brekfast - The Senior breakfast  will be held  off campus  this year. Students need to arrive at Canyon by 8:00 a.m. Students will be bused to the location. All  students MUST  ride the provided transportation to and from the breakfast. The Senior Activity package includes the cost of this breakfast. If you did not purchase the Senior Activity package, you may purchase a ticket for the breakfast  in the Student Center.  The cost is $25.00  and must be purchased by May 26th. If your senior is attending this activity this Permission Slip MUST be filled out and returned to the Student Center by May 26th. Cash Only after May 13th


June 12th               Cap and Gowm Distribution Students will report to the small gym on Monday, June 12th at 11:00 a.m. Students who have not ordered a cap and gown must contact Scott's Graduation Services at 949-574-7444 as soon as possible to place their order. Students attending the Senior Breakfast will be bused back to Canyon High School for Cap and Gown distribution and the Senior Picture


June 12th               Senior Panoramic Picture A Cap and Gown Panoramic  Picture will  be taken in the Main Gym immediately  following  Cap and  Gown Distribution. The cost of this picture was included in the Senior Activity package. Those students  who  did not  purchase  the  Senior Activity  package  may purchase their picture in the Student Center.  The cost of the picture  is $20.00 and must  be purchased  by May 26th  Cash only after May  13th.


June 13th               Senior Activity Day  The Senior Class is going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The cost of this activity is included  in the Senior Activity  package. Those students who did not purchase the Senior Activity package may purchase  their ticket  in the Student Center.   The cost of the ticket is $70.00. Tickets must be purchased by May 26th

All students MUST ride  the provided transportation to and from the park.  Seniors should be in the visitor's parking lot by 7:45 A.M. We will return by 6:30 P.M. Students should bring money for food.  Cash only after May 13th.

If your senior is attending this activity the Permission Slip MUST  be filled out and returned to the Student Center by May 26th

If a senior chooses not to attend the Senior Activity Day, Six Flags Magic Mountain,  they must  report to the library  and stay until  12:00 noon.


June 14th               Graduation Practice Graduation practice will be held at 11:OOam at Kelly Stadium on the campus of El Modena High School. The practice is MANDATORY for all students who wish to participate in the graduation ceremony.


June 15th               Graduation The graduation ceremony wil l begin promptly at 4:00P.M.  Seniors should report to the assembly area adjacent to the stadium by 3:15 P.M .Caps and gowns are required, and students will not  be allowed to go through  the ceremony without them. Students are not  allowed  to  carry  anything with them into the ceremony. Only  school  authorized  medals  or awards  may  be  worn  during the  ceremony.  It  is  suggested  that  flowers  be  given  to the  students  after the ceremony. If you are wearing heels they must have a diameter larger than a quarter. NO STILETTOS will be allowed.

Graduation Dress Standards -The wearing of caps and gowns is mandatory for al l  students partici pating i n the ceremony. The reason for wearing a cap and gown is to provide a dign ified appearance at th is event. Noth ing may be written on the top of the cap. The appropriate wear u nder the gown for the men is dress slacks, dress shirt, with tie optional; for women, dressy dress or slacks/blouse ensemble. If you are weari ng heels they must have a diameter larger than a quarter. NO STILETTOS wil l be allowed. SHORTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Graduation Pictures - A professional photographer wi l l be taking a picture of each senior shaking hands with a member of the Board of Education. Purchase of th is picture is optional. A proof will be sent to each graduate at no charge.

Student Conduct -The graduation ceremony is held to honor and award diplomas to students. It is a time for the  immediatefamily to have the opportunity to honor their graduate  in an atmosphere where there is dignity and mutual respect.  Students who are not interested  in participating in a formal ceremony are not required to attend. Any  misconduct that detracts from the formal ceremony will result in the with holding of the diploma. We know each member of the Class of 2017 wishes to have a graduation ceremony that he/she will remember with  pride.

Parchment Transcript Request  Transcripts must be requested through Parchment,, before June 20, 2017. Students must request their final transcript to be sent to their school of choice. If the student will be playing a sport in college they must request that a final transcript be sent to the NCAA as well. Please note that the Final Transcript is for the NEXT GRADING PERIOD.  If you have any questions  please  email our Registrar,  Mrs. Rich  at

Senior Breakfast or Senior Activity Permission Slip

Due No Later than May 26th, 2017