Canyon High School has a wide variety of clubs that range in interests, including academics, athletics, politics, cultural, digital media, emotional wellness, leisure entertainment, community service, and many more. High School clubs can bring students closer together, uniting them through their common interests. Our wide variety of options also give students the opportunity to explore new interests and make an impact to the community and school. Any student can start a club and showcase what they are passionate about. For many people, the clubs they had joined during high school have had life changing impact on their futures. Many meet their closest friends, find what they are truly passionate about, and grow to be well-rounded individuals. For more information on how to join a club, start a club, and the requirements, visit our Q & A section.

2022-2023 Approved Clubs

Club Advisors and Club President Information Available in the Student Center


  • Adopt a Channel
  • Autism Youth Ambassadors
  • Comanches For Ocean Advocacy (COA)
  • Eyes on the Prize
  • Folding For Friends
  • French Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Gen-Z Skin
  • Guitar Club
  • K-Dance Cover Club (KDCC)
  • Lend a Hand
  • Middle Eastern Club
  • Mock Trial
  • One Tree Planted
  • Our Hands Can Create
  • Persian Club
  • RSE Drama Club
  • STEM Club
  • Tech Team
  • The Dungeons and Dragon Guild (D and D Guild)
  • The Student Research Center


ASB Director: Steve Smith



Tyler Brinley

Commissioner of Clubs

Nicholas Le

Commissioner of Clubs