Schedule of Classes

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two year program beginning the junior year of high school.  Please note that courses listed in the freshman and sophomore years are recommended for preparation for the Diploma programme.  


(1)Recommended courses to prepare for the DP:


Freshman year:

Sophomore year:

9th grade English (H) 10th grade English (H)
World Language I or II World Language II or III
Human Geography (AP)  European History (AP)
Biology (H) Chemistry (H)
Math II (H) or Math III (H)   OR Math II (H) or Math III (H) or Pre-calc/trig (H)
PE or Athletics PE or Athletics
Art/elective OR Art/elective


Required* courses for the IB Diploma Programme:


Junior year - year one:

Senior year - year two:

IB English Language & Literature HL 1 AND IB English Language & Literature HL 2
IB Spanish IV or IB French IV OR IB Spanish IV or IB French IV
4IB History HL 1 (AP US History) AND IB History of the Americas HL 2
(4)IB Biology HL 1 (AP Biology)   AND IB Biology HL 2
(2,4)IB Math SL (Pre-Calc-trig H) or OR   IB Math SL (Pre-Calc-trig H) or Calculus AB/BC       Calculus AB/BC 
(4,3)IB Psychology (AP), IB Physics, or IB Environmental Sys & Societies SL IB Psychology (AP), IB Physics, or IB Environmental Sys. & Societies SL
Theory of Knowledge (Spring Semester) AND Theory of Knowledge (Fall Semester)



(1) Freshman and Sophomore classes are recommended only; they are not required for admission into the IB DP programme junior year.

(2) Students must take IB Math SL (Pre-Calc/Trig H) for the math component of the diploma and this can be done sophomore, junior or senior year.  If students take it sophomore or junior year, they are free (and encouraged) to continue their math studies in Calculus and/or Stats in the following year(s)

(3) At this time Canyon does not have a registered IB Art course; students enroll in one of the listed electives to satisfy this component.

(4) These courses though labeled as AP or Honors, align with the IB curriculum and requirements needed to complete the IB diploma or course certificate, and will appear on your child’s transcript as the IB designated course.

Program Advisor: Nancy Belinge

Please contact your students' counselor or the IB Programme Coordinator for further questions.