AP/IB Parent Info Night Jan. 2020

2017-2018 IB

•        57 IB exams in eight subjects

•        88% of exams received a score of 4 or higher

•        86% of candidates received an IB Diploma


The emphasis of Canyon's Honors/Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs are: (1) in-depth coverage of subject matter; (2) critical analysis of related higher level thinking skills; and (3) fostering student responsibility for self learning and independent study.  Specifically, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a rigorous academic program designed to challenge students to be aware of the world around them.  The IB program provides a balanced two-year course of study.

Benefits of the IB Program

In addition to the skills and knowledge gained from the program, an IB diploma is a desirable factor in the college admissions process; college credit can be earned from successful completion of IB exams.

Requirements of the IB Diploma Program

A diploma candidate is required to take six IB courses and six IB exams. Additionally, candidates are required to complete the Theory of Knowledge course, the Extended Essay, and the Creativity, Action, and Service hours.  


Students choose courses from the following subject groups: studies in language and literature; language acquisition; individuals and societies; sciences; mathematics; and the arts. Students may opt to study an additional sciences, individuals and societies, or languages course, instead of a course in the arts.

Exams are given in May for each IB class.  Students take 2 tests in their junior year and 4 in their senior year.  Tests are categorized as Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). Diploma students must take at least 3 HL exams and score a minimum of 24 out of a possible 42 in order to attain an IB diploma.  Exams are graded on a scale of 1 to 7.  In addition, candidates are required to complete separate projects for each class.  These projects, or Internal Assessments, are a percentage of the candidate's overall score for the IB exam. Sample IB diploma four-year plan.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

The CAS component of the IB program encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others.  Students are expected to be involved in outside activities for the equivalent of at least three to four hours a week over two years (150 hours total). Students should be involved in a broad range of activities to fulfill this requirement. 

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

TOK is a two-year-long course for diploma candidates.  In this course, students investigate how one acquires, perceives and applies knowledge.  In the first year, students meet monthly and complete tasks online.  The second year class meets regularly and there is a 1200-1600 word essay and oral presentation required. 

Extended Essay

Each student has the opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest.  The IB organization recommends that students spend a total of 40 hours researching and writing their extended essay.  The essay length is 4000 words (15 to 20 pages) and students must have a faculty supervisor.  Extended essays are due at the end of February during their senior year. 


Applications are due to the Program Coordinator in the spring of sophomore year.  Students applying to the program should be in good-standing academically and are generally in Honor classes as sophomores.  The most important aspects for student success in the program are motivation and dedication. 

Cost of the Program

The cost of the IB program is approximately $900 for both years or approximately $400 for the junior year.  A specific break down of the cost will be provided during registration.  IB fees are due to the Program Coordinator in October.

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