The theater program at Canyon High School provides students with the opportunity to learn not only the fundamentals of performance (acting, voice, movement, and improvisation) but also skills for the workplace such as: marketing, graphic design, theater/business management, public relations, and leadership.  Canyon’s theater department is based around the tenants of “ensemble” with the core idea of “many working as one”.  Students learn how effective collaboration and teamwork directly lead to success in the theater and that these ideas can be applied to all aspects of life.

Productions include musicals and plays presented in the fall and the spring directed by professionals from the theater and film industries. Also included in the theater season are the Winter and Spring One-Act Festivals, comprised entirely of student directed and acted one-act plays that serve as both a production and the semester finals for all levels of the department.

Students finish the four-year program with skills to go on in theater, education, and life.

What a student has to say:

“This room changes people. This room brings people together. This is no ordinary high school program. This is a place where people get the chance to meet other people they never normally would’ve talked to. This is a place where people get to be themselves. This is a place where people find themselves. This is the place where I found myself, and I am so honored to be able to help others do the same.

This room, this atmosphere, this program, and the people behind it are all an inspiration.

This room provides warmth.

This room provides a home for people that need on. It’s a magical thing to be able to feel that, even on the first day.”

Lauren Klein, 4th year

Class of 2015

Program Advisor: David Bloom