Pathway Outline:

The Pathway:

Year 1 – This class is for freshman focusing on career opportunities in Aviation and Aerospace.  I want students to see the vastness of the industry and to start narrowing in on what they are passionate about when it comes to potential future employment.  This class was offered Fall of 2016.

Year 2 – As of Fall of 2014, Aviation I exposes students to aviation professionals, concepts, and opportunities while covering the first portion of the Private Pilot ground school content knowledge.  Advanced simulators are used to teach flying skills as part of the curriculum during class.

Year 3 – Aviation II picks up where Aviation I leaves off.  Students receive the rest of their Private Pilot knowledge content and can be signed off at the end of the year to take the FAA written exam.  Completion of Aviation I and II may allow students to receive college credit should they choose to enter most collegiate aviation programs.  Students will continue their training on the simulators as well.  This class began Fall of 2015.

Year 4 – Students are starting to receive internship opportunities with local aviation partners that allow students to receive high school credit while off campus working directly with aviation professionals.  This can be in ANYTHING such as aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, business, airport operations, engineering, design, or maybe even flying!  Additionally, Aviation Science is a UC approved course that is being written for upper classmen and will potentially be available in the near future.


Ways You Can Help:

1.  Provide Grant or Scholarship money for classroom technology, field trips, or individual students enrolled in the program.

2.  Guest speakers that are willing to share their experiences and insights with the class or teach a lesson in class content.

3.  Work Place Learning/Tour opportunities that would allow students to see aviation facilities, processes, and personnel in an aviation or aerospace environment.

4.  Donate materials.


Next Steps:

If you have ideas or a willingness to get involved, please email me with your contact information so we can talk!

All donations made to Canyon HS Aviation are tax deductible!


Steve Smith - Aviation Instructor, Instrument-Commercial Pilot and CFII, CHS Activities Dir.



Program Director: Steve Smith



Student Solos and Licenses

Congratulations to  Mia K on her completing her 1st solo flight over the winter break of 2017!  Pilots must complete several hours of flight training with an instructor and earn the instructor’s endorsement to solo an airplane.  She will probably be a licensed pilot before her Senior year!



Braden Griffiths – Private Pilot’s license, May 2015

Colton Priest – Private Pilot’s license, August 2015

Anthony Gallegos – 1st Solo, Spring 2016 – Private Pilot’s license, July 22, 2016

Zach Marshall – 1st Solo, Fall 2016 – Private Pilot’s license, June 2017

Jake Nowicki – 1st Solo, March 2017 – Private Pilot’s license, June 27, 2017

Ryan Li – 1st Solo, August 2017

Mia Kuyumjian – 1st Solo, December 23, 2017

In the News

Gulfstream Visit

Rodney from Gulfstream Aerospace’s HR department came to our Careers in Aviation class 3 times to teach Resume Building, Interview Skills, and to host mock interviews. Today our class had the privilege of touring Gulfstream’s facility at the Long Beach airport.


2017 AOPA HS Aviation Symposium


UA Operations Tour

United gave our students a wonderful behind-the-scenes tour of their operations at LAX. Multiple pilots, operations personnel, administrative staff, and maintenance personnel all dedicated time to showing our students around and teaching them what their roles entail. We even got to climb around in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner before it left for Australia. Thank you to all the United Airlines employees that created this opportunity for us! Before we left, the Flight Path Learning Center let students tour their facilities including the DC-3.