Pathway Outline:

The Pathway:

Aviation 1 - This class is an introduction to the world of Aviation and is required for all students new to the Aviation program.  It will highlight many of the elite career opportunities available in the Aviation industry.  We will also discuss Aviation’s timeline from its wild beginnings to the exciting future still being unveiled!  There has never been a better time to seek out these prolific and lucrative Aviation careers!


Aviation 2 - This is a great class for those students who love Aviation and are interested in discussing nonpilot careers such as Aircraft Maintenance, Air Traffic Control, Engineering, Aerospace, and Drone Operations.  Aviation 2 is supplemented with field trips, guest speakers, and more (UC-G).


Aviation 3 - Students complete a full Private Pilot ground school and flight simulator training while still incorporating content relevant to the broader scope of Aviation.  Students will learn about Aerodynamics, Weather, Aircraft Components and Systems, Radio Communications, FAA Regulations, Navigation, Flight Planning, Aeromedical Factors and more.  At the end of the course, students are eligible to take the FAA written exam required for a Private Pilot’s license. (UC-G).


Aviation 3 Internship– Students who are enrolled in Aviation II or already completed it can intern at an Aviation business!  We have had Aviation students intern with companies in Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance, and a Flight School so far.  Students tell me their desired job and I help them find it. 


Ways You Can Help:

1.  Provide Grant or Scholarship money for classroom technology, field trips, or individual students enrolled in the program.

2.  Guest speakers that are willing to share their experiences and insights with the class or teach a lesson in class content.

3.  Work Place Learning/Tour opportunities that would allow students to see aviation facilities, processes, and personnel in an aviation or aerospace environment.

4.  Donate materials.


Next Steps:

If you have ideas or a willingness to get involved, please email me with your contact information so we can talk!

All donations made to Canyon HS Aviation are tax deductible!


Steve Smith - Aviation Instructor, Instrument-Commercial Pilot and CFII, CHS Activities Dir.



Program Director: Steve Smith