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4/17/20 College Board Update:


Please be reminded of the most pressing upcoming deadlines & information for this year’s AP exams, and share this information with your AP Coordinators and community.

  • 4/24/2020 – Deadline for student or adult to fill out technology/device/ assistance form.  This is also now available in Spanish.  If you’re unable to submit the form, please email RemoteAPAccess@collegeboard.org.
  • World Language exams: "We will provide sample questions shortly. Students will use a free app on a smartphone or tablet to hear the prompts and record their responses. Closer to the exam date, we will provide additional information about how students will access their exam and record their tasks, as well as more specific exam timing.". (Chromebooks will not be able to support this app – iOS, iPad OS and Android OS only).


  • 4/28/2020 – Next AP Update


  • Here is the link for the Exam Schedule: Click Here “Please make sure all students begin exams 30 mins prior. There are a sequence of questions they will need to answer before being let into exam room!”

Earlier this week, the AP program sent a survey email to students to inquire on their exam taking plans.  This was an information-gathering email only and responses will not affect a student’s ability to receive/take the AP exam. While we do our best to reach as many students as possible, not all students open or respond to our emails. Over the coming weeks, email will continue to be a primary way we reach out to teachers and your students.  Please encourage students to:

  • Check their email and ensure their correct email address is saved in their College Board account.
  • Update their phone number and give us permission to text them in their College Board account.
  • Mark collegeboard.e.collegeboard.org as part of their approved sender lists. Teachers and district leaders can also take this same action.

All updates, deadline reminders, links, and additional resources can be found on the AP Coronavirus Updates websites below.  I encourage all members of your AP Community, including teachers, administrators, parents, and students, to continually visit and review these websites:


In May 2019, 634 students took AP exams. A total of 1,244 exams were taken in 26 subjects. 70% of the AP exams received a score of 3 or higher.

The emphasis of Canyon's Honors/Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs are: (1) in-depth coverage of subject matter; (2) critical analysis of related higher level thinking skills; and (3) fostering student responsibility for self learning and independent study.

Myth: AP course are too stressful! 

Reality: Yes, AP classes are rigorous.  But collaborative environments, subjects that students care about, additional support, and experienced classmates help ease the transitions.  

Myth: AP courses have too much extra work!

Reality: Yes, you will have to work hard.  But connecting coursework to what matters right now, AP courses make the hard work worth it.

Curriculum that Matters

Canyon’s AP program is a three-year program designed to give students the rigor of college in a high school setting.  Students have 18 AP courses to choose from.  These offerings directly connect a student to what they want to do now and with their future.  In addition to the rigor of an AP class, students have the opportunity to score well on an AP Exam and earn college credit.

Skills vs. Transactions

AP course tend to move beyond rote and transactional learning.  In AP, students tackle concepts and skills that will stay with the student long after the course is through.

A Part of a Community

AP courses tend to involve more discussion.  This is good.  Not only do students learn by doing, but also they have the opportunity to develop community.  AP students get to share and speak out.  The student’s perspective is valued and is considered additional source material to the collective knowledge.  Students help drive AP classes and students learn to sharpen their skills by learning the academic language needed to express their opinions before they get to college.

Be Your Best

An AP class brings out the best in students.  Students might even surprise themselves by doing things they never thought possible.  Students will engage in college-level work in high school.  AP students get to take risks in an environment that is inclusive and comfortable.  AP classes help students build confidence in addition to college credit.

For more information on the AP curriculum, visit the AP Website

Honors/Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Courses