Graduation Awards

When your student graduates from Canyon High School, he or she will have the opportunity to walk away with much more than a diploma. Our seniors may graduate with the distinction of Scholar, Artist, Athlete, Community Servant, or Pathway Completer, or all five. Your son and daughter is also eligible for Department Laureates and other Graduation Awards and Scholarships--some described further below. These additional honors are the Tribe's way of acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our students, especially those 'unsung heroes' who have made our community the special place it is.


Alonzo Berton Award

A senior who has endured serious health issues and persevered, a survivor.  Counselors choose winner.

Anaheim Hills Rotary Club Scholarship

For a senior with a desire or who has participated in community service events, someone with good moral character, and who plans to further their education. They work with the head counselor for applicants and the Rotary Club chooses the winner(s)

Gleitsman Award

One senior boy and one senior girl who have served the school in an outstanding manner are chosen by a vote of the faculty. Criteria: academic achievement, service to Canyon High and involvement in school activities. This award is given at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

Golden State Seal Merit Diploma

The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma (GSSMD) recognizes public school graduates who have demonstrated their mastery of the high school curriculum in at least six subject areas, four of which are English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and US History, with the remaining two subject areas selected by the student. The GSSMD is awarded jointly by the State Board of Education (SBE) and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI).

Graduating With Honors

Student with a cumulative academic grade point of 4.7 and above by their 7th semester will be designated Summa Cum Laude and those with a 4.5 – 4.699 will be designated Magna Cum Laude.  These students are recognized with a colored cord to be worn at graduation.

Greg Jones Award

This is an athletic award. It's a memorial scholarship award offered to a student who maximized their potential as an athlete and made a major contribution to their team as a result of their development. The athletic department chooses the winners - one boy and one girl. The Jones' family pays for one award and the athletic department pays for the other award.

Jennifer Calinan Service Award

A service award giving to a member of the S.T.E.P. Club. STEP Club chooses winner.


Each department, using its own criteria, selects a maximum of five nominees. One is recognized as the most outstanding graduate in the department.  Laureates are awarded at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

Mitchell Cook Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a senior who is in special education or has a 504 Plan. The qualifications are as follows:

  • Demonstrates good moral character
  • Has overcome obstacles and preservers despite the odds
  • Is pursuing education beyond high school
  • Shows respect to others
  • Looks forward to the challenge that comes with life

The special ed. department and counselors distribute applications to qualifying students and they are forwarded to Mr. Cook to choose the winner.

National Merit Finalists

Sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The PSAT taken in the junior year serves as the basis for semifinalist selection. Finalists compete for scholarships from $250 to $6,000.

NHS Award

Student's that are Juniors or Seniors can apply for the National Honors Society.  Once in the organization these students do community service and earn points.  Members who earn 40 tutoring points and 60 service points earn a NHS sash.  These students are considered to be graduating with honors.

Presidential Awards

Gold Presidential Award

Seniors who have a cumulative academic weighted GPA of 4.5 and above by their 7th semester and exceeded standards on all subjects of the CAASPP.

Silver Presidential Award

Seniors who have a cumulative academic weighted GPA of 4.0 to 4.499 by their 7th semester and exceeded standards on all subjects of the CAASPP.

Principal’s Scholarship

For a senior on free and reduced lunch who will be attending a community college. Counselors choose winner.

PTSA Scholarship

Scholar Athlete Award

Awarded by the Canyon Athletic Department to a student-athlete achieving a 3.50 (or better) GPA while participating in their season of sport.

Schools First Scholarship

Schools First Award is for an outstanding senior with a financial need who will continue their education.

State Biliteracy Seal

The State Seal of Biliteracy (SSB) is recognition by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for graduating high school students who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages in addition to English. Students must have met or exceeded standard on the CAASPP ELA junior year.