School Site Council Meetings

Education Code Section 52852 (formerly 52012) specifies that a school improvement plan shall be developed by a school site council (SSC). The law says, The SSC shall be composed of the principal; representatives of teachers selected by teachers at the school; other school personnel selected by peers at the school; parents of pupils attending the school selected by such parents; and, in secondary schools, pupils selected by pupils attending the school.”

At the secondary level the council shall be constituted to ensure parity between the principal, classroom teachers and other school personnel; (b) equal numbers of parents or other community members selected by parents, and pupils.

Furthermore, Education Code Section 52852 states that parents or community members on the SSC may not be employed by the school district.

School Improvement is a program for elementary, intermediate, and secondary schools to improve instruction, services, school environment, and organization at school sites according to plans developed by School Site Councils.

The California Education Code requires the school site councils to:

  1. Measure effectiveness of improvement strategies at the school.
  2. Seek input from school advisory committees.
  3. Reaffirm or revise school goals.
  4. Revise improvement strategies and expenditures.
  5. Recommend the approved single plan for student achievement (SPSA) to the governing board.
  6. Monitor implementation of the SPSA


2018-2019 Meeting Dates

  September 25, 2018   2:45 PM Library
 October 23, 2018   2:45 PM Library
 November 27, 2018   2:45 PM Library
  January 22, 2019   2:45 PM Library
  February 19, 2019   2:45 PM Library
  March 19, 2019   2:45 PM Library
  April 23, 2019   2:45 PM Library
  May 21, 2019   2:45 PM Library


2017-2018 SSC Roster

Craig Abercrombie--Principal

Brent McKee--Assistant Principal 

Michelle Allen--Classified Staff

Frederique Boyle--Certified Staff

Charles Bushman--Certified Staff

Suzanne Gindin--Certified Staff

Kristin Payton--Certified Staff

Vidhi Kantawala--Certified Staff

Satinder Baines--Parent

Pete Kan--Parent

Jennifer Pendleton--Parent

Jennifer Ringdahl--Parent

Naseem N.--Student

Keane B.--Student

Usman K.--Student

Michael M.--Student