School History & Profile


Canyon High School started in 1973 as a shared campus with the established Villa Park High School for students in grades 10-12. Upon completion of the Anaheim Hills campus, a variety of names were considered for the site. A ballot of three proposed names was given to the future students of Canyon High School to vote on who attended Vista Del Rio Jr. and Peralta Junior High Schools. The students did not like any of the choices so a write in campaign was started. Canyon High School was the name of choice due to its location and the fact that the local students call that area "The Canyon".

In the spring of 1973, future students selected the Comanche as their mascot. Comanche are an off-shoot of the mountain Shoshoni tribe—the introduction of horses to the Great Plains allowed populations to settle in new locations. Comanche are regarded as expert horse handlers and high-spirited people.

First Principal: Louis Joseph

First Musical Production Lead Singer: Elizabeth Gilmore

First Concert: “Shuffle”

First Queen: Teri Liegler

First King: Matt Baumann

First Mascot: Dee Mecke

First Football Head Coach: Chuck Wood

First Boys Basketball Head Coach: Bob Schermerhorn

First Wrestling Coach: Gary Bowden (Canyon Hall of Fame)