Principal's Message

Class of 2020,

It has been a week now since you have been on campus at Canyon High School, your home for almost four years.   Now here we are approaching Spring Break, the unofficial start to Senior Season.  For me, Senior Season is a time to reflect on how you have grown as individuals and on all of the accomplishments made together as a class while also trying to narrow down what to highlight at graduation.

For you, the class of 2020, the start of Senior Season is a time for celebrating and planning.  From prom to end of year banquets and graduation, Senior Season is a time that flies by and is a bit of a blur.  While we do not know what will happen over the next weeks or months, or which Senior events will be modified or possibly cancelled, I encourage you to take this time to reflect on what your time at Canyon with your fellow Comanches has meant to you.  You have had ups and downs and everything in between.  You have met friends you will have for life, and teachers you will never forget.  With every up and down you have gone through, your family has been there with you. Whether they show it or not, they hurt for you right now, because of what you are going through.  Use this time to become closer to your family before you head off to college or the workforce at the end of this school year.

Many of you who are involved in sports, the arts, or other activities have worked your entire life preparing to highlight your talents this Spring season.  I cannot begin to ease the disappointment or pain you are going through right now.  The endless hours in the batting cages, on the track, in the gym, in the pool, rehearsing your dance, perfecting your instrument or vocal piece are not lost.  Those hours have taught you what hard work and dedication are all about.  There will be other times in your life when you work hard and, for whatever reason, do not get the credit or chance to highlight your hard work.  The important thing for you as an individual is to value what you can accomplish, and understand that with hard work and perseverance you will succeed in whatever you choose. 

The staff at Canyon, although not on campus during this time, is here to support you.  Please reach out to me, your counselor, your coach, or any of your teachers for the type of support you need.  That support may be a question about AP testing, college apps, GPAs or even more importantly just to talk and have someone to listen to what you are going through during all of this.

This time will pass. While we might not be able to recapture and relive many of the things we have lost during this time, we can become stronger as individuals, as families, as a nation, a world, and most importantly as Comanches!

I cannot wait to see you all back on campus and finish off your four years at Canyon by your side. 

Most sincerely,

Your Proud Principal-Craig Abercrombie